Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hide the text in notepad

Hidden things always interesting  and makes us busy too, If we get a chance to work in our friend system,I am sure, at least 6 of us out of 10 will surf the hidden files in his PC to know more about him. Especially in windows, every one of us are taught about the ease of hiding and unhiding a file, then I dono why Microsoft keeps such a fancy option,under security roof. Microsoft is fool, but not always, there is a trick to hide text in the notepad, isn't a good one to keep your sensitive or emotional  information away from your friends or some one else?. yes here is the step by step procedure


  • open the command prompt:  Start -> Run -> type "cmd "  press enter
  • type "notepad yourname.txt : hidden.txt" press enter
  • now a notepad will open up, start typing what ever you want and save it , close it.
  • Now open the folder in the windows where you have saved this notepad file (probably "C:\document and settings" note:if your default cmd prompt is this, if the default prompt is some where else , then go to that path, and look for yourname.txt ).
  • open yourname.txt , are you able to see the words which you have typed ?
  • if you are not able see any thing there, then that's it, keep writing about your girl / boy friend and hide it.
  • Note the file size, I will show O bytes.
  • well then, if you have hide your own text, then how could you read it again ? . It's simple, follow the first two bulleted instructions.


Note: It may work in all the windows operating systems, but you can have a try in your PC.

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